This course, A Conceptual Introduction to Function: Using Visual Models, will help middle school teachers learn approaches to teaching functions using visual models. Participants in this course will become familiar with strategies to help students develop a strong conceptual understand of functions and with tasks that allow students to explore situations of both linear and non-linear functions. Participants will also engage in creating classroom tasks to help students make connections between multiple representations of functions. Participants will evaluate a variety of applets throughout this course, and they will conduct an interview with a small group of students about their experiences using an applet. In the final project for this course, participants will design a lesson plan using an applet to explore the concept of function. This course provides professional development aligned to the Common Core Mathematics Standards through readings, activities and classroom applications of teaching strategies. The Common Core State Standards for Math establish what students should know but not how teachers should teach. This course is designed to help teachers learn instructional strategies that guide students to reach these new challenging content standards. Specific Common Core State Standards for Math addressed by this course are listed in the Standards section on this page.